1. Enlist in the Army of Lovers

    What do you have to do to be part of the Army of Lovers? It’s simple. Give one Valentine to one stranger. Here’s how: 

    1. Messaging: keep it clean and simple. This isn’t a love match. This isn’t a “call me maybe.” It’s not a flirt or a sexytime adventure. It’s also not a downer or an insult. It’s an acknowledgment of someone else’s humanity. What kind of Valentine would you want to get from a total stranger? What kind of Valentine would you want to receive? Keep gender sensitivity in mind. I address all my Valentines “To you,” “From me.” They all say Happy Valentine’s Day. And they all carry the hashtag #ArmyOfLovers. 

    2. Make eye contact with your Valentine’s stranger (if you can). 

    3. Say, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” 

    4. Hand them your card. 

    5. Walk away. 

    6. Repeat steps. 2-5. 


    *If you can give Valentines to tons of strangers, all the better. If you want to give Valentines to your friends, that’s great too, but that’s not Army of Lovers activity. 

    *If someone doesn’t want your Valentine, respect his/her boundaries. 

    *This is a nice moment, but it’s a moment. Everyone has a day to get to. Let them get to it. IF your Valentine wants to chat for a second, and if you want to chat, that’s cool too. But only IF. We are not the free hug society. 

    *Our army is made up of individuals, so the real gift comes when you do this on your own. Perhaps you can create an Army Of Lovers meet up, but distribute them solo. Be driven by the courage of your heart. 

    *Be safe. Trust your instincts. An open heart requires open eyes. 

    *Be sober, friendly, approachable. Remember why you are doing this. Live that intention. 

    *FYI this is not a religious movement. If you are religious, awesome. If not, awesome. But this army exists outside of that. We are religion-neutral. 

    *Tweet all about it. Use the hashtag #armyoflovers

    *Celebrate the sweetness that you are. They say love makes the world go round, but love needs an army. You chose this. And it chose you back. 

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